Metro Glass

Fixed Aluminium & Glass Operable Louvres

Metro Glass have a variety of fixed and operable louvres available, with a type and purpose to suit any application whether commercial or industrial.

Fixed Aluminium Louvres

Aluminium louvres are a great option for protecting your building from exterior elements while still allowing natural light and air-flow.

While achieving privacy, security, wind and sun control, they also allow for light, shade, airflow & temperature control. Plus, designed and installed correctly they can greatly increase the aesthetics of your building while being durable and sturdy against natures elements.

Operable Louvres

Operable aluminium louvres allow for maximum vision and ventilation when open, yet they are completely weatherproof when closed.

Our commercial grade operable louvres are suited to all weather conditions, even storms and heavy rain.

Using glass blades in aluminium frames allows for natural light and clear vision when closed, while also allowing you the flexibility of choice to have them open for a free flow of fresh air through your building.

Our Partners

Metro Glass proudly partners with Breezeway to create naturally comfortable buildings through light, air and space.